“Seas of Plastic” – Why Knot Fix It?

In this video from 2009, Charles Moore walks the audience through his history and work cleaning up plastic from oceans and beaches. He says our pollution problems began with the industry push for “throwaways” shortly after World War II, which were advertised to liberate the housewife and provide more free time away from washing dishes. The problem with this throwaway culture is that plastics simply do not and cannot biodegrade, so there is no true way to get rid of them. Here are some of the important points Moore makes:

  • First, an update to his statistics: In 2017, it was discovered that only nine percent of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic we used had been recycled, or as Moore said, “diddly-point-squat.” 
  • The fact is, plastic has a low melting point and cannot be purified, and with the sheer weight of numbers of different types of plastic and their uses, each piece needs to be treated differently. Only two of seven categories of plastic are considered recyclable in most of the world. 
  • Every five minutes, the United States uses two million plastic beverage bottles. Plastic caps are made in different factories than plastic bottles and are made of an entirely different type of plastic called “polypropylene,” which is not recyclable. These caps float in water and spread pollution, killing wildlife that likely mistakes them for food. Albatross alone are estimated to feed their chicks five tons of plastic per year

With the constant addition of so much plastic, it’s understandable to see Moore end his talk by saying that the market can’t fix the system, and that, “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will never gather up all the plastic and put the ocean back together again.” But we disagree with his closing sentiment that stopping plastic at its source is hopeless. Why knot change the market?

Humans created the market. And only humans make waste that nature doesn’t digest. However, we here at Knot Plastic™️ have made a product that microorganisms love. Our injection molding capabilities can easily replace the caps on current beverage containers. We have award-winning products that are certified as Biobased by the USDA and composter-approved by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on our global community and the packaging industry by reducing hypocrisy and offering real, safe, plant-based solutions. Our Knot Plastic™️ alternatives to the throwaway, single-use plastics of the past will help to maintain your current lifestyle while making room for the world to recover. Too often, people get overwhelmed by the numbers and think, “why care?” but we’d like to challenge that and say, “why knot?” – reach out, and we can work with you to make your world Knot Plastic™️ today.

Written by: Ry Russell and Freelance Writer Afton Kelly.

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