Is Excellence a Series of Steps? W/ Rob Wirtz

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 Welcome to Manufactured Excellence, where we explore the world of manufacturing with individuals that bring excellence into their world everyday. Our host Ry met today’s guest before the pandemic and had the opportunity to interview him on another show called WeedBudz Radio. It has been a lot of fun following Rob Wirtz and his journey as his company continues to evolve. Rob manufactures excellence in his personal life as well as his professional, he is the Vice President of Strategy, Growth, M&A at The Wirtz Group and CEO of Mach Technologies. On this episode we discuss what a roadmap for manufacturing excellence looks like, is it a set plan? Is it a culmination of experiences? Does it involve just yourself and your position in the company? Tune in to find out!

Rob Wirtz
Mach Technologies
The Wirtz Group
Wirtz Manufacturing Company

Ry Russell
Knot Plastic

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