The Art of Prototyping w/ Tyler Hurd

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Welcome to another episode of Manufactured Excellence! As you know on this show we love diving into the world of manufacturing, and as we do we learn more and more. On this episode  we explore the idea of prototyping and why it is so crucial to the full process of manufacturing. Who better to have that conversation with us than our friend and colleague Tyler Hurd, CEO & Co-Founder of Purilan Technology, a mechanical engineer with a background in consumer physical product design. Ry met Tyler a while back and since then Tyler has helped design & prototype products for Knot Plastic including Golf Tees, Guitar Picks and more! There was a time when it took a team of individuals to complete the prototyping process, but what does it take now? What do you need to start your own prototype? Join us and find out not only how to start the process, but how to perfect it. Tune in!

Tyler Hurd
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